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PRADANYA, as the meaning itself goes, has had a long journey of 27 years spreading wisdom amongst young minds and professionals of healthcare, hospital, pharmaceutical and development sectors. It has served as a prominent platform of interaction between industry luminaries and a fresh talent pool of students.

Three-Day Annual Global Conference

March 13-16, 2023

Global Conclave on Circular Economy and Sustainability (CORE 2023)

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Day 1: 13 March, 2023, 09:30 - 13:25
Day 2: 14 March, 2023, 10:00 - 05:00
Day 2: 16 March, 2023, 15:00 - 18:20 

Conference Agenda

16 March 2023




Theme: Communication Strategy and Planning

3.30-3.50 PM

Welcome of the Dignitaries (Dr. Vinod Kumar, Dr. Seema Mehta and Dr. Arindam Das)

Dr. Deepti Sharma Associate Professor, Dr. Piyusha Mazumdar, IIHMR University

3.50-4.00 PM

Introduction of the guests

By Student moderator: Trisha and Vishwajeet

4.00-4.10 PM

Opening Remarks of the workshop

Dr. Vivek Agarwal President, ICWM

4.10-4.20 PM

Global Perspective on Communication Campaign for Food Waste

Gunilla Carlsson Organization Member Representative ISWA

4.20-4.30 PM

Study on Behavioral Change Communication:
Covid Pandemic

Dr. Alok Mathur Associate Professor, IIHMR University

4.30-4.40 PM

Global Perspective on Communication Campaign, Strategy for Waste

Dr. Ana Louteiro National Member Representative

4:40- 4:50 PM

Communication Strategy adapted for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Urban

Dr Himani Tiwari
Coordinator CMAR, Capacity Building Nodal Officer SBM

4.50-5.10 PM

Question from the audience

Dr. Vivek Agarwal, Gunilla Carlsson, Dr. Alok Mathur Dr. Ana Louteiro Dr. Himani Tiwari

5.10- 5.20 PM

Rup up

Dr. Piyusha Mazumdar Assistant Professor, IIHMR University

5.20-5.30 PM

Closing Remarks

Dr. Deepti Sharma Associate Professor, IIHMR University

5.30-5.45 PM

E Poster presentation by the students

Evaluation and Result Declaration by Dr. Anoop Khanna, Prof. Rahul Ghai, Associate Professor, Dr. Monika Chowdhury, Associate Professor and Dr. Varsha Tanu, Associate Professor IIHMR University

5.45-6.00 PM

Award ceremony

Dr. Dhirendra Kumar (Professor IIHMR University) Dr. Vivek Agarwal (President ICWM) Dr. Mahindra Kumar (Dean – IIHMR University) Dr. Goutam Sadhu (Professor & Dean (SDS), IIHMR)

6.00-6.15 PM

Vote of thanks

Dr. Goutam Sadhu Professor & Dean (SDS), IIHMR and Dr. Vivek Agarwal (President ICWM)

6.15-6.20 PM

National Anthem

By the students

Call for Paper And Poster Presentations

Posters and papers are invited on the above-mentioned themes of Pradanya 2019. Delegates or students from Hospitals, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Management and Rural Management institutions are encouraged to submit abstracts. We seek high quality primary and secondary research-based studies that analyze trending issues.

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